The Synchronic Souls series is a 3 part story that revolves around the 4 cursed watches, the primordial dragon Horo and his 6 witches.

The story itself is made around the middle of 2012, where I lost my steam doing Jewelled Movements, making into a hiatus before restarting it again during late 2013.

Part 1: Synchronic Souls revolves around 4 man-group participating in a challenge that has been set up by Horo. The group consists of Simon, Fia, Aether, and Erebus.

Part 2: Aero's Story is about Aero and her life from being an orphan to a valiant knight, to a vigilante that oversees the 6 witches and the 4 cursed watches for generations, one of which she owns herself.

Part 3: 5 centuries passed, and the descendants of Simon and Fia, twins Amyst and Physt hold the watches of the Future and Past respectively. Together with Aero and James, they must face Horo and his witches before he ends the world they live in.

Characters Edit

General: Edit

  • Horo: The primordial dragon that is currently resting of Earth (or whatever alternate version of it) before the dawn of mankind. As humanity came and grew, Horo quickly grows tired of them, and wish to see their demise, creating challenges and wishes to bring turmoil and conflict.
  • The Witches: 6 orphaned girls taken in by Horo to do his bidding. They are given magic enhancements to carry out their duty given by Horo.
    • Each witch is named and represents one element: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, and Dark.

Synchronic Souls: Edit

  • Simon: A bored aristocrat that has no purpose or drive in his life, ran away from home to find excitement. Despite living a life of privilege, he is a smooth talker that knows his ways to people and places. His sword is as sharp as his snark.
  • Fia: A young herbalist that knows archery, she was cursed by a disease that shortens her life to a couple of years. With none of her medicine working and desperate to rid the disease, Fia's last resort is to find the primordial dragon to cure her.
  • Aether and Erebus: Orphaned twin brothers accept the dragon's challenge to give them a good home. They were close to getting their wish, only to be ambushed by an aggressive party. Now weakened and vengeful, they enlist the help of Fia and Simon to challenge the dragon again.
    • Aether, the older brother, is a healer that keeps himself optimistic, even at uncertain times.
    • Erebus, the younger brother, is an attacker that uses heavy two-handed swords. Highly skeptical.

Aero's Story: Edit

  • Unnamed child: After Synchronic Souls, Simon and Fia settled down and has a child together. Fia died from another illness, and with Simon gone into the military, the child is left alone. He remembered the tale of his parents about Horo and ventures out to seek his help to bring back his family. As he journeys to the cave, he starts to accept his mother's death and move on. After reaching to Horo, instead of his initial wish, he is granted 4 cursed watches. He gave the watch of Change to the king and the watch of the Present to his mother's closest friend, keeping the watch of Past and Future to himself and his predecessors.
  • Aero: An orphan with no memory of her mother, currently holding the watch of the Present. Taken in by Simon after stealing some bread, Aero becomes one of the highest-ranked knights in the kingdom. Her purpose is to serve the king until the end of his reign and protect the 4 cursed watches, and in turn, oversees Simon's predecessors.
  • Aero's mother: Old friend of Fia and fellow herbalist, she was given the watch of the Present. However, after a run-in with a Witch, the watch broke, which in turn causes the user to cease existing. The watch will fix itself and finds a new user to control, thus passing it to Aero.
  • James: A neighboring prince from an affiliated kingdom. He is in charge of keeping the watch of Change, as the current prince is deemed unworthy to keep the watch. After the king dies, Aero is tasked to protect James, who in which, protects the watch of Change. James, in turn, also protects Aero as he knew that she holds the watch of the Present.

24 Hours: Edit

  • Amyst is a descendant of the Unnamed child and holds the watch of the Future. Shy and disorganized, She is not a popular student in school, making her the best candidate to keep the world safe. To stay safe, she accidentally crossdresses to keep her identity unrecognizable. Now with the ability to foresee, she can now easily make plans and avoid embarrassment, though at the cost of protecting the watch.
  • Physt is another descendant of the Unnamed child, holds the watch of the Past, and twin of Amyst. After their parents divorced due to their duty to the watches, their father took Physt, while Amyst stays with her mother. He, too, crossdresses to hide his identity.

Trivia Edit

  • Chronologically, 24 Hours was created before Synchronic Souls and Aero's Story.
  • Synchronic Souls is based on a dream that I had, where I was in an MMORPG finding party members in the town square.
  • 24 Hours was created partly because back in 2012, time-manipulating stories were really popular.
  • Amyst is a portmanteau of 'A mystery', Physt is a portmanteau of 'Physics' and 'History'.
    • Both initials can also be a contrast of a.m. and p.m.
  • The 24 Hours twins' parents can be considered incestuous, but I'm sure after 500 years, they are at least 20th cousin between them, with their gene pool being diverse enough.
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