Not to be confused with Jewelistia or Jewelist

Jewelled Movements is an on-off story that I started during 2012. It was based on my previous gem-based works, Jewelistia and Jewelist. I am still working on, despite being a story that I am not prioritizing first.

The story is about Aome, a Jewelist. In the perspective of her friend, Sakoji, Aome will teach him the world of the Jewelled Movements.

Synopsis Edit

For someone that is 3/4 Japanese and 1/4 Russian, Aome Kholodova (青目•コロドバ) has really particular blue eyes, which Teiou Sakoji (程王 佐故兒) was mesmerized during their first encounter as classmates.

After an incident during their last paper celebration, Sakoji now understands the true nature of Aome's blue eyes, and with it the world of the Jewelled Movements.

Jewelist Edit

A Jewelist is a special type of Magician that makes weapons for other magicians. They work like specialized blacksmiths in the Magic World. Each Jewelist is unique as they are specifically assigned to what their contracted gemstone entails.

Characters Edit

Aome Kholodova Edit

A 24 year old girl who is in a business university course, together with Sakoji. Unbeknownst to him, Aome is a special type of magician, known as a Jewelist. Her blue, radiant eyes are a side effect of her being pact with the Sapphire gem.

Teiou Sakoji Edit

Aome's classmate and closest friend during university. Despite living a simple muggle life set by his mother, he and Aome noticed his magical potential after a fateful encounter just right after their last examination paper for the semester.

Aleksandr Kholodov Edit

Also known as Alek, he is Aome's half-cousin and Ruby Jewelist. His job is to help Sakoji along with Aome to introduce him to the world of the Jewelled Movements, especially when Aome is away for internship.

Previous Variations Edit

Back in 2010, Jewelist has a simple plot, where Jewelist, other than being a magic weapon specialist, follows the trope of Magical Girl genre. Each gemstone pact will grant each Jewelist an alternate outfit, granting the full abilities of the gem.

Aome stayed relatively the same, but she was more ambitious and ballsy to her craft. Her goal as a recently pact Jewelist is to be trained and explore the Jewelist Society (Jewelled Movements wasn't coined yet). Aome was fully Japanese, with the surname of Korodo, a forced Japanese gibberish for the word Corundum.

Alek did sort of existed, but as Aome's full female cousin known as Akashi. While Aome was brash, Akashi was her impulse control.

The two characters isn't fully scrapped, though. Previous Aome became Aoki, current Aome's mother, and Akashi became Anastasiya (aka Nastia), Alek's mother. Aoki and Nastia are half-sisters in the current plot.

Sakoji is a name/character that I repurposed from Jewelistia.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Kholodov/Kholodova was chosen because it sounded similar to Corundum.
    • It has nothing to do with assassination or cold.
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