Clairvoyance (stylized as ClairVoyance) is a story in which i started since late 2012. An ongoing story, it is going to be a 6 years production.

It starts with a girl named Clair who has the ability to see into the future but is struggling to find a way to remove it.

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Clair Mitchell is a 15-year-old girl with the ability to see into the future. However, her visions are absolute, and she can not change the future that she sees. This causes Clair to find ways to rid of her abilities, by any means necessary.

During her search, many odd events start to trigger. Questions such as who is she, where did her ability come from, and what is her purpose in life starts to flood into her mind. Follow her footsteps as she uncovers many secrets about herself, her life, and her world.


Clair Mitchell Edit

The main character. Clair is a secluded 15-year-old who is trapped by her ability to see the future. Her predictions are always turn out true, with no visions of hers proving her wrong. This, however, causes Clair to blame herself every time anything bad happened in the world. She never credited herself if anything positive happens in anyone’s life as her core value is that ‘anything good in the world is the status quo'.

She is highly determined, and by determined, I mean stubborn, trying to find ways to rid of her visions, no matter what. 

Marcus Mitchell Edit

Clair's elder brother. Marcus does not have any abilities, but he is quite charismatic and academically bright. He is Clair's main emotional support, making sure that his sister's life is under control. Despite under his watchful eye, Marcus can never really tell what is going on in Clair's mind, nor can he totally stop Clair from doing many questionable things, but he does his best to keep her safe for as long as he can muster.

Trivia Edit

  • The title "Clairvoyance" was picked because I thought the word "voyance" was french for "voyage".
    • Clair's ability of foresight was added in hindsight of it.
  • Yes, the name Clair is being reused from "That Gaia Story", but everything else between them are different.
  • It is no coincidence that Clair looks like Akira. I reused the design to fit a "Light Elemental" aesthetic.
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