Breaking the Musician's Law: Angel's Voice, or Angel's Voice for short, is a reimagining of the previous story of the same name; Breaking the Musician's Law. Long story short, it is about a struggle between 3 angelic Muses.

Similarly to the previous incarnation, 4 humans are chosen by a Muse to serve them and protect sound and music to humans. Each human is colour coded with one instrument family.

This is where the similarity ends. The Muses in Angel's Voice are all angels (specifically, angels of music). The 4 chosen humans, known as the Clefs, constantly change every generation within roughly about 10-20 years and the current story revolves around the 12th generation Clef.

Sypnosis Edit

Akira is a 17-year-old girl with a vast interest in music and nerd culture. One day, a cryptic letter was sent to her. Curious, she opens it, only for her to magically transport into a heavenly space with 3 other teens of her age.

A masked lady in white approached them, announcing that they will be the next Clefs in service to her, Soprano, the Muse of Treble. Their purpose is to protect the "Perfect Pitch" against Alto, a, disfigured 3-winged Muse of Tenor who went berserk. The "Perfect Pitch" is a person who holds the key to sound and music to humanity, and Alto wants it for herself.

Characters Edit

Akira Sukia Edit

A downright Otaku and music enthusiast, Akira is tasked by Soprano to be the Treble Clef of Brass. Hyperactive and energetic, Her father was also a Treble Clef of Brass before her.

Hakari Fukate Edit

A bedridden violinist with a missing right eye. A smartass guy with a pompous attitude, he is difficult for people to get along

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