"That Gaia Story" is made in mid-late 2012, just in time of the "prophesied-end-of-world-event" 21st December 2012, I made this story.

This story does not have an official title. Just like my first two stories, I used the "That _____ Story" title format. I doubt I will ever give it a proper title.

Sypnosis Edit

As the world is going to end, a club full of misfits found a way to enter an alternate reality to escape their ghastly fates. They found themselves in an alternate Earth called Gaia, with a broken reality shifting machine.

As they fix their alt-machine and set up camp, they are met by a girl, too young to be on her own, named Mia. She joined the club as a guide to Gaia, and also to be protected by as she is a descendent of the Goddess of this world, in which the name Gaia came from.

With a bounty on Mia's head, the club will learn about Gaia's culture, heritage, and dark secrets and conspiracies, before returning to their recovering world.

Characters Edit

Clair Edit

Clair is the leader, co-founder, and the eldest (25-years-old) of the Do-Whatever-Club. A fun mom-friend, she exudes an inviting charisma that caused her to start her club with her merry bunch of misfitting friends. Despite Clair graduated from high school 8 years ago, her club is still running for some reason, with new members entering every year, though she isn't too distraught by it. Anyone is free to leave the club, but all 8 members stayed due to her mentorship and advice. Currently, there are 8 people in the club.

Clarence Edit

Clair's younger brother by a year, he is her right-hand man and co-founder of the Do-Whatever-Club. Compared to Clair, Clarence is strict and blunt, but it usually comes from a place of concern. He is more calculative and strategic, but he knows how to have fun as well.

Mia Edit

The descendant of Gaia and personal tour guide of the Do-Whatever-Club. Mia's status as a descendant is roughly the equivalent of the Dalai Lama. Because of this, she has to hide away from the public due to her status. She provides divine protection for the Do-Whatever-Club while they rebuild their machine and when Earth is habitable again. An honorary member of the Do-Whatever-Club.

Other Characters Edit

Named Characters:

  • Pierce: Clarence's best friend and classmate. He is a game addict and a tryhard. He usually wears an eyepatch and a gun holster, despite his eyes being fine and the gun being a toy
  • Pyre: An anime enthusiast that is a little too crazed about ninjas. She has an entire stash of mall-bought ninja stars and weapons that she usually shows off. Good at darts though.
  • Nyx: A self-proclaimed Satanist goth. Most of the members tried to call her bluff, but they don't have much evidence to prove it. Was once a devout Catholic.

Unnamed Characters:

  • An extremely knowledgable nerd. He was the one that came up with the alternate reality machine. No one except the Do-Whatever-Club accepts him and his mad genius engineering.
  • A recovering bully who regrets his past actions after driving one of his victims to commit suicide. No one except the club members knew that he is part of the club.
  • A rich but humble girl who longs for the mundane. She is by far the youngest member of the club (16-years-old). She wants to feel the freedom that her family didn't allow her to have. She also has great archery skills.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Clair came from a french acrylic paint that I once had.
    • "Verde Clair" means light green in French.
  • This is one of the few stories that was based on a dream I had, where me, my mom and my friends living in the woods.
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